Nathan Paull is an English abstract artist.

Originally having a long & successful career as an Architectural Designer; art, form, and design had always been a major part of his everyday working life.
However in 2020 the hands of fate & destiny played a major part in a complete life transformation & a relocation to Southern Spain.

Here, with a new home & new lifestyle, he discovered Abstract painting.

Having found the joy of painting, like many, later in life, he discovered art to be a release from formal restrictions & in particular, abstract, as a way he could be expressing himself & capturing his life experiences.
His paintings generally aren’t planned - the meanings from them are evident retrospectively & his technique is letting go of conscious decision making & allowing the subconscious to take over. This approach to painting could be labelled as painting spirituality: the mind is cleared of any thoughts & the artist is in a semi meditative state and lets the painting develop organically.
Having come from an Artistic family, creativity was in Nathan’s blood and he studied Art, Music and Architecture at College. Nathan had always sketched from an early age and appreciated many forms of art, winning a national competition at 7. However, his natural style as a child & young adult was more technical & illustrative - probably due to his love of designing & formal training. “My parents were big influences on me. They both met as teenagers at Art College in Torquay. My mother was creative and loved to paint & sculpt. My father was more technical & a very skilled illustrator & Graphic Designer - he taught me to drawn in 3 point perspective when I was 6! - I’m not sure what he’d think of my Art now” :-)

Nathan now spends his time jointly between the UK and Spain.



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