Teresa Álvarez is a fine artist based in Europe. Her artworks techniques are predominantly inks, watercolours and mixed media printed on Fine Art Paper and Canvas. She is greatly inspired by the inner world of thoughts and feelings, and the emotions that are held within.

Her work is constantly evolving; subject matters change, her use of colour and abstraction of perspective remains bold and intriguing. Strong graphic elements flow throughout with composition being at the heart of every piece of work. Characteristic wide brushstrokes are overlain with finer, delicate detail often with the inclusion of patterns. Her depiction of the inner world  lends itself to being described as ‘dreamlike’ and ‘surreal’. Her work ethos is simple; challenge perceptions, whilst capturing the beauty of the essence of reality. 

Teresa has recently been awarded at The annual International Awards Initiative, a leader, which honours excellence in the blockchain ecosystem. She has been awarded with the Featured Artist of The Year 2023 

Teresa’s Latest Exhibitions

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